anger then despair

anger,much thing has been said about seems as if the human is nothing but a seething pan of anger,sometimes contain in its pot but when it overflows and in my case it frequently does,it splash everywhere and corrode not only the person in question but me too,and i lay there for hours filling the holes.

it so much easy to be angry,to smash somebody skull,to say things and do things your sane mind normally refrains from,put a lot of resistance to these thoughts but anger takes it all away.your resistance reduce to a simple wire and your usual mind to mouth filter become next to zero.your brillant mind started thinking imaginative ways to make his life hell.

that beautiful superlative anger left me just as fast as it abandon me in my those few seconds of whether i should say sorry or give one last evil look and move on.
to solve this critical problem what left is my reason self which in my few minutes of tirade had gone on vaccation.he reflects what best strategy.sometimes its easy to say sorry when you know you overreacted and what you thought had happen and what really had happen do mot fall in same line,but it become excrutiatingly difficult when you know you are not wrong you are right and the guy is a total asshole inconsiderate person.

so if the scenario is first i say sorry amidst much embarrsement.but if its case second and i had to say sorry (cause i eventually figure it some way has to be my fault )and after it much gloom and despair shroud me and for many hours i curse myself to be such a boiling pot!!


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