At last….

Its been more than a month since I last posted. I am sorry for the delay.
It was not that I don’t have things to write in contrary my mind was full of them,but my fifth semester exams don’t allow me the luxury to blog.
But today my dear every thing is changed. I am sitting In my couch all my theory and practicals finished.
I don’t know whether to cry or laugh . exams have paradoxical effect on your brain system. it forces you to stretch your limits,it challenges you to mug up all those medical jargon you were unable to rot in past three months to do so in three days.
I have a habit of envisaging the end in beginning of a journey. I always imagine the happiness of exempt from studies even weeks before starting of helps me to keep on going,to study for an extra hour,to wake an hour before,to burn the night lamp.
Though exams are pain in the ass but like every bad thing in life its also an essential ingredient for success. Or its not,its just plain pain not only in ass but every single tissue of stretches your brain like a rubber band and as exam are over it shrunk back to its become a business of holding back a great load of shit and then to vomit it all over in papers. Sometimes it happen that I don’t even know what questions I have attended and what I have written in them!
But Let’s not get all narcissistic it does have some benefit. The after exam feeling is not what you see every day.
I have never smoked or taken pot but I can still tell the elation when you feel ,as you were answering the last question ,of last practical is above any drug the god has created under the blue sky.
The post exam happiness disorder ,have long term effects. It shape your party plans for weeks in advance. It like a burst of rancid smell which makes you appreciate the lousy smell of everyday life.
Most importantly if I don’t give fifth semester exam how would I enter in sixth semester?
Ps:I know last line is too normal but thoughts like that only keep you hopeful.


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