Are you peeking

I was in eighth class,it was half yearly exam and if my memory is with me it was social studies paper. I was not the kid who cheat.I tried it once and don’t like it. The feeling of fear and anxiety is not particularly good feeling. From then on I think it to be better to study a bit more or if not rather leave the question.
Where was I? Oh yes social studies,so you can understand my shock when a teacher pointedly told me to just exchange copy with the girl sitting behind me. I couldn’t understand but then I see my posture. I was hunched back with answering sheet on my lap and I can guess with a bit of peeking fellow on my back can easily copy my answer and that was douche bag was doing.
So my dear readers that scum was peeking blatantly on my answer sheet . I was once that scum too,it was science Olympiad and stakes were higher. I am not particularly proud to say that I Jane cheated but please don’t narrow your eyes,I don’t win and my said friend got first prize and even today when we are in same college I always ask her did she change her answers at end,cause man cheat or no cheat it suck to lose to your friend.
A friend of mine write on his status that he hates it when people try to read his conversation. The same day he made me hate him when I saw him trying to read my posts. This peeking,is like a social evil. You peek,I peek we as a community peek on each other. Hell even countries indulge in this silly game of seek and hide. For those of us who don’t want to get their hands dirty hire private detective.

Now we ask ourselves what cause us,respectable member of society,lawful citizen,professional in respective field to stoop low(literally) and to middle in other private conversation ,to judge a person by what novel or magazine he is reading,and most irritating when we look over when a person is writing,replying to a comment. As I am writing it I can see the eye of a man standing behind me to slyly read the content of this blog,so to you sir keep on reading but on your tab and I guess you already know the name of my blog.

Sorry for rambling but at least the guy has reverted his eyes and I can write in peace. There is nothing worse than the feeling that you are being watched,that someone is waiting when you will bend a bit too low,when you will stand on your toes and stretch your body to get your luggage from top rung.
Now question arises what possible pleasure can people derive from knowing random facts about other people life?what the use of eating information we can’t digest and which will probable leave our system the next day.
I think its curiosity. Plain and simple.
We are a weird specie. We are just interested in everything. Why sun shine, why night come after day,why season change got the idea. We are interested in nature.
Why do birds migrate,why deer eat grass not meat,why lion eat deer and not grass. We are interested in other specie.
Why do I cry,why I smile, why I dream,why we reason and not others. So we are interested in ourselves and this meddling behavior has what make us progressive and intrusive specie in same sentence.

When we have so much time to spare in such a short life. When we can count stars just to keep occupied so why not just hear what other say, see what they see and for a moment be in their shoes. Its the only way a busboy know the office politic of an IT firm, the only way in hell I know what to write in this blog.


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