Terror of womb,childrens

I hate children, but not all of them. I can tolerate the quiet ones. Those of nature gift which sleep and sit and dont talk or cry. While on other hand i can barely put my anger down with restless kid. You hear big boisterous laughing ,saw them running round and round in circles and you can smell them from fifty leagues.Their antics which to their mother is deary is for me irritating. I am irritated by their sight their ways and mostly their mind. No offence I have nothing against their mother whatsoever. I can understand your want to throw your child at near strangers for a few minute respite. I can understand your selfishness with your child as it is the result of your seed. Please all those mother with apron on their waist and a sweet muffin in plate I have nothing against the idea of you rearing and bearing child do as you like yummy mummy but please give me my own freedom to frown upon your child.

Many a maidens are decieved by their looks. To them they look beautiful. A sweet sapling just out of earth. It seems to me they are slowly training their mind to like that bobbly mass of flesh they will rear someday. Love them as irratonaly as you like but please don’t shove the child in my hand and command me to like it. To me they are not cute. I am not so easily deceived by outer beauty. To me they are vomiting ,urinating, defecating, and a senseless creature driven by pure Pursuit of annoyance. They will hide in corner and will search for those things that drove you to madness and then they came out of hiding laced with this new weapon and broke havoc in the kingdom of mind.

Child heart is god heart. In his head always lay god hand and child and god bff relation go on and on and on. But ladies hear me out if child speaks god language then
1 god speak gibberish
2 god is dammn irritating.
What a disappointment I thought god to be a highly learned man.

Let me tell you something you already know: child is a fool. He is mad. Truly is, till he is six or  eight his brain and spinal cord is not developed fully. When he is in embryo, he develop from primitive to more advanced,popularly know as progeny precedes the phylogeny.
So if you ever thought that your child is not a human being but a animal you are probably right, maybe when your child was morphing from some remote ancestor to human being he chose to remain animal much to his human mother chagrin.

I am ranting, all facts and fiction colliding. I am writing this as I travel in train and opposite to my birth sit a young mother and a younger child. I pity her, so young and so old with responsibility. I see a continue frown in her face, she came to wonder small small thing in her child life and can do nothing but laugh in public and suffer in solitaire.
So sorry all these ladies with one child on hip other in your arms and another one you hold in your hand, I love you as a mother. Come to think of it I can’t become this five foot five inch adult without her care and I am foreever of her debt but still,still I hate you child.


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