Who am i

If you have met me two months before , I will describe you as a malevolent person. I am the kind of a dumb girl who speak first and look the meaning of the word later. I seriously thought it was like benevolent.

I always wanted a word to describe myself. As you can guess I am tardy with words. But the word I have chosen literally spell me right. I am CYNICAL. I always felt a bit dissociation from the ideas of goodness and kindness in person. I become surprise when somebody offer to help me. Its seems  sour to accept help. To take kindness, to feel blessing. My views shroud me from any discomfort. I expect very little from people. I am like a very independent small business which strive to run single handed, be amiable to people but no over the top offers.
Being cynic help me face bad in people. I feel at ease exposing foul in a person and I don’t judge. How can I ,when I myself feel the urge to do something unagreeable thousand time a day?
I marvel at people who have faith,kindness, and motivation but I don’t want to be like them. I am very much satisfied what I am and I hate to Change anything about myself. My only regret is not being cynic enough.


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