Totally my life

Something totally weird is going on in my life.
I am supposedly helping a friend coping with his break up while nourishing a crush over him.  I fuck like this boy and seeing him go so madonna over this girl is making me mad. It’s retard.
I am nodding my head, writing most sensible email while trying ways to get a date out of him. We are strict study buddy and never had a outing. Not even let roam in the road type. I see this guy for hours , we laugh together, we learn together and just that. Nothing else. Next we came to talk is his ex.
I know I am not the cutest in the bunch, OK maybe not the one in a pair even but man I got feelings too. We gell together like mango and vanilla. I listen to him like he is the next best thing. Seriously he is not.
I carry my heart on my sleeves and I drop it very easy. It doesn’t matter how he looks like or how he is academically, if he just shine when my heart is at weakest I got a crush.
I am not the type of girl who hide his crush. Everyone in my dorm will know who I got eyes over. They then try to do those irritating thing which we girls can do so effortlessly it seems it came wired on us. They literally eye him like he is a fresh meat. They will then tell me if he got a hairstyle or which color of cloth look good on him which frankly is insane. They notice what even I don’t notice and for record I notice a lot.
I know how these things work for me. There would like a good hype over this guy but next thing I know I am hyperventilating over another , its kinda like a trend I have seen so many times that now I rather enjoy then be anxious. After everything said and done we can always say shit happens.


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