Being a superhero.

Naruto my hero

I started watching naruto when I was 14 years old. Lonely and weird it was my respite from the world I live. I tried to see myself in him but I always failed. His strength and confidence felt foriengn to me.
I lay awake in my bed try to fantasize about next episodes. I in true sense getting bonkers for this show. We tend to not notice of how Much a thing we watch while we were child tend to shape the way we live, the way we thought, the way we talk, the way we pat on someone on shoulder and ask ramen in Indian restaurant.
Its been years since I last ask for a ramen or make a ninja star on front of my copy. But it’s just been yesterday when I introduce myself in a debate competiton as next hokage. Its was weird to remember that memory in that moment, but I chose to roll with it and completed my debate in the same cocky way naruto would have done.

At the end of competition(which I won) almost everyone wants to know what is a hokage. Since yesterday in memory of my childhood hero I binge watched all his movies and right now hooking on boruto.

Its just not naruto which adored my childhood room, it included capeta,pokemoon,ultimate muscle,Zorro.
I was particularly close to Zorro. Maybe his whole looser dude vibrated with my persona hoping against hope that I might wear a mask like Zorro and transform myself in person I want to be.
Seeing those shows throughout my childhood made me believe that I was hero just like them and I have to win. That people are watching me and they are rooting for me and I just can’t disappoint them.
This thought continue to obsess me. It made me conscious of not only my individuality but that of other too. Seeing them I became a spectator in their show and wonder about their feeling, their life and their powers. For me we live a world of superheroes everyone with its own power and origin story it’s own fault and strength and me a spectator trying and fighting with my own demons and trying to be hero of my own accord.


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