Three months

You know we could be a thing
I know but we chose not
Yeah I guess so
You know what I meant the whole business is meaningless.
Yeah you are right
I looked at him. He was sitting beside me.
We hardly ever sit together in lecture. We are not touchy that way. If there is sit you are welcome but never did I hold a sit for him. I always find holding a sit for someone to be tiring. You know who is going to sit beside you. It just take away what little adventure we have in life.
But today he sat rather there beside me. Our body slightly touching each other. I was surprised that I felt nothing. Had it been three months before I would be bursting frome inside. Three months is the time it take a crush to be crushed into nothing. Three months I waited for him to notice me. Three months it take me to get used to his indifference. Three months of his talking about his lost love. Three months of his calling love a waste. Three months of my being a friend and telling him the same. Three months is a long time. Long enough to be dissuaded. Like I had been.
Here he sit nonchalant popping the question and here I sit beside him ,our body just touching saying no.
Bell rang ,teacher came and we studied. Behaving as if just not a minute before he actually proposed me and I actually said no. Life is weird I will give you that. Bloody fucking three months. I really wanted to laugh. Later he asked me if I want to go out with him. I said alright knowing where he meant. But boy two months back when he asked me the same I was wetting myself. Later when we “went out” we went library.
By outing he meant library. Yeah a fucking library. Not even college canteen.
Well at least he asked even if after three months. At least he asked is all I can say.


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