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Break away

Its OK if I stand alone cause I am always lone
Its OK if you don’t ask cause I am just an outcast
Its OK if you don’t look me in the eye
Its OK if you say the most hurtful things with smile
Its OK if I weep and you don’t see as you don’t look me in the eye
Its OK if I storm out of the room and you will still smile.

Its not OK if you come back to me with bruises
Its not OK if you cry and fight in front of me
Its not OK if you expect me to stich
Its not OK if you want to kiss away your tears
Its not OK if you make me more hollow to make yourself less shallow


What a unsuccessful cynic!

I hate being cheated. I know I have in my last post told you I am a cynic,but sometimes I do expect and I cry hard.
I am a college student and live a room with other girls. Life is a bit stressful when you are a college student .
So my story is like a normal Indian student who got lucky and finds herself in a prestigious college of india feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I was never top student to start with. In India things get a bit murky when you are sixteen year old.
Its not the preparation of sweet sixteen party preparation that stress you out(frankly I never heard about it until I saw it in a hanna Montana movie) but its the board exam. You must be wondering what I am talking about so it go something like, we have LKG and UKG,something like a prep school till we are five and then we start our class at one and go till twelve.
So when we are in tenth class we have a board exam, its like a state exam where all school of that particular state hold exam together. So what you got ,is a assessment of your position in a state level. We give same test in twelth. The marks of both board exams and particularly twelth helps you choose your college. It hold true for most courses except medical and engineering for which we have to give another entrance exam. This time in country level.
So it was this important year of my tenth board exam that I first have acquaintance of my friend, my future best friend and then now thorn in my tumultuous existence. I shouldn’t be too hard on her, she try her best in kota but that story for another day. To take a peep in present we are in talking terms, living under same roof,try to bear each other and have bickering almost every day and try to expect nothing out of one another. But I fail and I cry. Don’t tell her she don’t know.
This is enough education for one day. Wait for my next post and I will tell so what happen in tenth.