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Unexpected encounters

I didn’t expected him to be here. In a party on a Friday night. Party hosted by a close friend of my brother. Perhaps he too is thinking the same.
What is she doing here in a party, on a Friday night.
I am staring at him now. My mind can’t seem to deal with it. Its weird seeming him here standing. Maybe because I usually see him sitting. Sitting in front of me in the college library. Every day of week for past 4 months. I dutifully sit at the same location, near the end of the library. Always in the corner. Always. I think corner person always have more space then the person in middle.And not to mention him. Him sitting opposite to me. Always.
He seems to shift a bit. Maybe trying to avert my gaze. Or maybe he is fidgity that way. He sure move a lot in library. Everyone in library know when he arrive. He with his big bag which still seems small as he carry book in his arm,Two sometime three book. His heavy boot on silent floor of library. People will look at him. They always do. Not to forget his looks. Never forget.

I never look at him when he comes. I just smile, a slow smile, smile of satisfaction, smile which says I was waiting for you. I Dont want him to see that smile. Its too personal and I agree a bit creepy.
He is moving now, moving towards me , still coming shit I guess he is really coming, Towards me. What do I do. What do anybody do. Should I first say hello or just nod. Nod in acknowledgement which seems to say I know you and you know me , have I nice day now.
I stand paralyzed making and deleting sentences. Its not that I love him or anything. Its just that he has most soulful eyes I have ever seen, eyes which say billion things, unspoken things.
I am sure some sort of noise escape from my mouth and I am sure he heard it as he move right past me to a stupid stall. Reflexly I change it into a cough. A more respectable thing. A cough. So you see I didn’t actually totally freak out when I see you but it was just a small respectable cough when you just move past me. Nothing biggie. See you next day on the same corner bench. I hope .


New romantics

Poem are still in business, because of us romantics. We love Taylor swift. We doodle pretty boys and girls on back of our copy with heart all around. Love for is something palpable, something solid, its in the air and we breathe it every time we see a pretty little thing walking past us.

Its our duty to notify our friend about NSP in the area. Yes, we giggle a lot and yes we have secret code word for every handsome guy and yes we eye even those guys which are taken. We are a thriving tribe. We know no caste, no age,no gender. We support each other through the magical primary stage of love and we support through the dark holes of heart break.
No contrary to popular belief we are not incarnation of ” all that is western”.no we definitely are not devils and nope we all don’t dye our hairs or wear short skirts. We are available in all shape and sizes and we don’t distinguish. Anyone is welcome in our umbrella of search for love.
You think we don’t exist,you think we are urban legend. Well then look hard, look around you, look at the person sitting next to you, if in class look around the lecture hall, if in mess look up and watch, if in library then you are in hotspot of new romantics. We are everywhere around you. We are omnipresent. Look inside you and deep down you know you are one of us.
In case you are still doubting then ask yourself if you:
1) you are known to cry in movies.   
  2)your capacity of watching cheesy romantic comedy can only be describe as superhuman.      
3)your biggest crush have been character from book you have read.       
4) you secretly wish for random roses on valentine.                
5)  you believe in” the one”.       
6)your favorite singer is Taylor swift.                                                 
7)you attach sentimental value to nonliving things.                       
  8)you have a long list of crushes, revising the list every few days.                                         
  9)you feel jealous when your friend talk to their boyfriend /girlfriend,while you are still single.

If you have more than five character than congratulation you are part of this club. Stand straight, chin up be proud you love the idea of being in love.